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Rozendal vinegar

The Alchemy of time, change and balance Buy Now
Old world vinegars
With a contemporary twist
Balsamic vinegar fermented and matured in oak barrels Infused with unique botanicals.
Box it just the way you like it!
Choose any combination of bottles and we will pack it just right for you. They make the perfect gifts. We even have a pack of mini bottles.

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our philosophy



Living in step with the rhythm of the seasons.

Step into the enchanting world of vinegar making, where the rhythms of life and the passage of time converge. In the heart of this alchemical process lies the essence of time itself. As the process unfolds, the magic of fermentation begins. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, as sugars undergo a metamorphosis, guided by the hands of time. 


Fermentation and the making of vinegar.

Microbes transform liquids into extraordinary elixirs. A sacred alchemy unfolds—a dance of change and transformation. With each batch, we create nature's unseen depths. Savour, ignite, and behold the transformation.


Acid brightens your food and brings balance to your cooking.

Balance is the artful dance between acidity and sweetness. It's a delicate process that requires understanding and surrendering to the natural rhythms of fermentation. As we honour the relationship between ingredients and environment, we tap into a deeper wisdom. In the world of food, balance is the key to creating flavours that tickle our palates and nourish our souls.

  • GOLD SOFI 2010 Outstanding New Product
  • GOLD SOFI 2011 Outstanding Vinegar
  • EAT IN 2012 Heritage Award
  • SILVER SOFI 2013 Outstanding Food Gift
  • Gold Aurora 2021 International Taste Challenge